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☑️ Self Connection

  • Easy Parenting Formula
  • What is the Best self-care plan
  • How to manage stress
  • How to Manage Work and Child
  • How to manage weight and energy
  • How to Make Money
  • Your Habit Tracker
  • Affirm Your Dream Life​

☑️ Child Connection ​

  • How to discipline your child?
  • How to raise independent kids?
  • How to manage stress, fear & anxiety?
  • How to create an everlasting Emotional Bond?
  • 20 Minutes Story Parenting Plan
  • 10 Slots of 10 Minutes
  • What are the Biggest Parenting Mistakes?
  • How To Speak with Your Child?
  • How to communicate effectively with your child?
  • How to manage siblings

☑️ Family Connection

  • How Not To Feel Insecure In A Family?
  • Benefits of Raising a Child in a Joint Family
  • Challenges Of Raising A Child In A Joint Family
  • How To Grow Yourself In A Family?
  • How To Set Effective Boundaries In A Family?
  • How To Communicate In A Family?
  • How To Manage Your Child As A Working Professional?
  • How To Manage Your Child As a HomeMaker?

☑️ Bonus topics:

  • Audio Video Flashcards
  • Rhyming Words and Sentences
  • Phonics Words + Sentences
  • Sight words
  • Animals and Their Little Ones
  • Know Your Series
  • 101 Best Books For Kids
  • 101 DIY Activities For Kids

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  • Online learning modules
  • Weekly live coaching
  • Weekly live q&a
  • Lifetime community support
  • Mom-a-thon challenge
  • Activity sheets and bundles for kids
  • Awards and certifications
  • 3 Step system to master parenting

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